Ok, so bought the 6505+ combo a couple months back. Sounds great, I can get the right tones I want, I just feel like it is extremely noisey. Having the pre-amp at 5 and the post at 2.5 its extremely noisey and I get the huge feedback squel. I am already using a ns-2 as a noise suppresor, any other tips to cut down on that?
Sounds like it's working great!

Seriously though, put a noise gate in the loop (not sure how you have yours set up), lower the pre-gain a bit, make sure your guitar/cords/pedalboard etc. is not the problem, and that should take care of most of it. Those are noisy amps.

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The NS-2 run through the loop, especially in the x-pattern should eliminate ALL of the noise you're hearing. X-pattern means that you are gating the input signal (noise from your pickups and any pedals you run up front such as boosts) and it also gates the preamp. The preamp is where most of the noise comes from.

As for feedback, that's more of a muting issue -- you can't have that much gain and volume and expect to not have feedback unless you're muting properly between notes/chords with both hands.

Certain tubes can help as well -- I've found that a 5751 in V1 and a 12AT7 or another 5751 in the phase inverter slot also reduces preamp noise.

I don't know if you run a boost pedal, but if you do, "5" on the preamp gain is a bit much -- especially with the post gain (volume) at 2.5. I run mine at 3.5 and it's easily in death metal territory. Running the gain higher (with a tubescreamer boost) just muddies up the tone and makes feedback harder to control, not to mention preamp noise.

Honestly, I don't use my NS-2 much unless I'm recording. Otherwise, with the adjustments I've made, the noise is not that bad.
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How big is the room you are playing in ? The smaller the room or the closer your guitar to the speaker the worst the feedback. 2.5 volume is instant squeal if your NS-2 isn't set-up right.
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Sounds like it's working normally.

The other guys have nailed it already.
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Here's a guideline:


I set mine with the knobs pointed at each other and it's about perfect. There's no noise, but it still allows controlled feedback if you want it. I made the mistake at a gig one time where I had the NS-2 set for maximum gating and some of my higher notes on a solo got muted-out. Needless to say, it threw my performance for a loop!

You shouldn't have any noise problems with the x-connection.
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Also dont ignore the crunch channel (with tubescreamer as boost). Its less extreme than the red channel. Might help with the noise and you might even like the sound better.

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Those are one of the few combos where you can get away with using JJ ECC803 tubes because the tubes aren't actuallly inside the spekaer box. The ECC803 is a low noise variant of the 12AX7. Slightly less gain (like <10%) but not enough to hurt your gain sound but enough to do some good for cleans.
V1a is a common gain stage but V1b does channel 1 and V2 is the second gain stage for the lead channel. So you'd want to put the ECC803 in V1 but you may also want to throw one in V2. They should cut the noise floor by a few dB.
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just cover a few other potential issues...

fluorescent lighting?
try it in a different room.
you could have a microphonic tube Google "pencil test
get a power coniditioner/surge protector.


but everybody has already said whats most likely.
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