Hey. Just bought this Marshall amp.

I want settings for:
1. Blues
2. Jimmy Page tone
3. Clapton
4. Metal
5. Breaking benjamin tone
6. Slash

I dont want to sound like them cause the best cant do that. I just want to know how to get to these types of sound.

Someone here can help?

For blues use the classic channel, it should work for some Clapton also.
For page/slash tone use the classic channel setting with more gain. for Page set the channel volume at max and use the gain control as the volume. For slash do the opposite crank the gain on that channel and use a tubescreamer to boost you into slash type gain.

Use the ultra gain channel for all your more modern styles and use the TS to boost that channel when you need to.

You will need to learn the EQ on your own with your gear.
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