Hey Everyone,
I have had my Schecter C-1 platinum FR for almost a year and I love it! Getting used to a floyd rose was difficult but definitely worth it. I can now easily change strings in a timely manner. Unfortunately I encountered a problem today while I was changing the strings. I got the 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd on no problem but when I was tightening the string lock screw for my 2nd and 1st string, I noticed it was still spinning but no longer tightening down on my string. Upon further examination, I noticed two small springs that had been individually bunched up and one was broken. I am now unsure how to fix this. I would like to do so without taking it to a tech but if i have to it's no big deal. I am pretty sure it still has insurance on it but I would prefer to make this as hassle-free as possible.Picture
Any help/responses are greatly appreciated!
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Schecter Platinum C-1 Floyd Rose

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Your picture doesn't seem to work. Which screw are you talking about? The locking nut? Regardless, if a screw is spinning but not tightening that means it's stripped. Hopefully you just need to replace the screw itself, but if the whole locking nut needs to be replaced, that's still not super expensive.

Regarding how that could happen... do you really wrench on the locking nut when you tighten it down? I've found that a lot of people just tighten those things way too much, to the point that it's beyond holding the string down, and just damages the hardware.