Hello there!

I've recently been trying to write a songs worth of music,
However, I've hit the brick wall and don't know how to progress with my track!

if i could get some feedback with which kind of direction to move in i would be thankful!

I've used guitar rig and cubase to record the rough idea so sorry about the mix quality!

thanks, mikey

I'm going to go with the understanding that you want ideas/suggestions, not that you want us to write your song for you.

That said, it seems like you have 2 riffs so far. The 1st one seems like it would honestly fit best as a punchy "main riff" (in a similar way as to how Iron Man's main riff works). The 2nd one seems like it makes a good slowdown before the verse riff. What you need is a solid verse riff right now, imho. Something that the listener can view as an "A section" of the verse. Depending on what you want to do, there's numerous ways to go with a verse riff. Examples:

That ought to be enough to get you going...
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Thank you Very Much!!

I'm going to go with the Black Dahlia, This should keep me up all night

Thanks, Mikey.
You could continue the same idea but make a variation of it. Play the same melody over it but change the riff in the background. For example use double time.

Also, add bass.

But there's a lot of stuff you could do. There could be another riff (for example the verse riff). It could also continue with the same riff and you could add vocals over it. You don't need to change the riff every 8 bars. You can continue with the same idea and add more stuff to it. Or as I said, make a variation of it.
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