Hey guys. I have an old guitar that a friend of mine built a long time ago. Now it's a great guitar but it would require a pickup replacement. Could you please sugest me something that will get me some rich, warm tone? Thanks
What in the wood combination and what style are you going to play?
I would recommend Seymour Duncan SH-4 anyway, as it covers almost any style I can think of, generally.
Well i have rosewood fretboard and alder in body, and i would like to have an exented range in music styles, but i love the tones of stoner metal bands such as truckfighters (love thise guys)
Which kind of pickup? Single-coil, humbucker, P-90, soapbar...?
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^ +1. Also what amp(s) are you using? Etc.
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Seymour Duncan Slug is the ONLY stoner pickup. 48K ohms resistance turns any amp into a 200W sounding monster. That or the Dirty Heshers from Lace if you want a bit more versatility.
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Amps and the like:
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