I've acquired a 1974 Marshall Plexi that needs heaps of work... first thing is the tubes. What's a good combo of preamp and power tubes for this kind of head? I don't know much about different tones with different tubes... only ever used Svetlana EL34 in my '93 Plexi which my tech recommended.
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Well, before you start figuring out tubes, what is "heaps" of work?


I'd go with SED =C= el34's, they are the real Svetlana tubes, the new Svetlana tubes are only using the name but are not the same quality. Only issue is SED are now NOS because they shut down the other year so a matched quad is $220 in the USA.

Here is a link to the cheapest I could find and it is $205 for a matched quad.
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Ah, sorry... by "heaps of work" I mean someone tried to mod the **** out of it at one point in it's life, and cosmetically it's in terrible condition (no tolex left on outer casing, no badge, all original knobs replaced with stupid black ones, holes drilled into front panel for extra knobs that apparently do nothing - hence "modded out" but more or less useless)