Got my les paul jr
Hello all, iam a proud new owner of a Les Paul Jr got it from GC for 89 $
I got the sunburst color,also I got a set of Ernie ball slinky 9 42
The guy told me not to put the 9s on because the 10s are fine.
Anyways my friend will set it up with the 9s over the week end will post pics tomorrow
Right now iam just doing finger excerise up and down the fret broad

He told me that the guitar was set up for 10s,and if I put 9s on it the guitar would have to be reset up lol.well its not set up the strings are a good 3 inches may be more from the pup
He also said the guitar is easy to play because its a shorter scale?.
Iam no pro but u guys told me 9s are better ,
As mentioned on the sticky in this subforum:

All New Guitar Day threads must contain two of the following three items:

  • Pictures of your guitar
  • Clips/video
  • A reasonably thorough review.

  • This means more than "I like it, it's green, here are the specs." Please write at least a few complete sentences that would help someone who hasn't tried your guitar understand what you like about it. Specs are nice to include but don't add any content that couldn't already be found online - so add your own flavor and content to your review!

Each of these must be user-created. This means you must write the review or take the pictures or make the video. Stock photos or someone else's youtube videos are not acceptable.

Threads without these requirements will be closed and the user will be given a warning.

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I think the main question is are you getting paid? If your gigs are not worth it financially then definitely drop it. If what you are doing is at least paying you enough to keep doing it then why not. it is good to have a hobby and as it sounds like you guys are not super serious and more like just enjoy playing in general. If you are feeling that it is time to put your guitar down then consider that but in all likelihood if you quit you will miss it and end up playing the songs alone at home