Havent playied quite much lately, i mean like 2 years now, because i have luck of motivation and also i have not had much time past few years.

I have had Ibanez GAX30 almost 6-7 years.. good guitar for beginner, no doupt. The thing is... this guitar is old and tired i mean frets are worn out and pickups are crappy and so on. I'm not particularly interested putting any money in this guitar. So i decided to buy new one.

What style music i play/listen? Oldschool Hard rock, heavy to thrash metal, alternative, grunge..

I really like thin necks - wizard type necks. Not painted and varnished necks because i feel really uncomfortable to play with such necks - sticky.

Body type - Strat, tele, singlecut - doesnt really matter if its a good guitar, but i hate these BC Rich über heavy type guiter bodies - looks freaky.

The first thing is the neck... it can be some cheap ibanez with good neck or other brand what i can customize by my own eyes.

My budget is ~300-400 euros - yea i live in europe. 400-500$ (+ -) mby more.
And it will be good if i can get it from http://www.thomann.de

Guitar i have looked:
Kramer Striker 211 costum. Because of that awsome look. Pickups suck, but so what.. i can buy better ones.
Ibanez RG421 MOL
Ibanez S521
Ibanez s521 MOL
Ibanez RGIR20FE

Maybe some good advice..?
Sorry about my english.
If you know you like the ibanez necks... the kramer necks are (normally) a bit narrower at the nut, so you might not like that. probably also not quite as slim as the ibanez ones (though i haven't tried the 211 and it may well be different).

jacksons (the ones I've tried, i haven't tried the newer indonesian and MIM ones) generally have closer necks to ibanez, but again not quite as slim normally.

I haven't tried any of those specific ibanezes, but I'm guessing they'd work ok. If you're ok with the basswood body the RGIR already has EMGs... as you said, you can upgrade yourself, but in Europe the big USA pickup brands like EMG are generally pretty dear. If you were thinking of upgrading to EMGs regardless of which guitar you get, the RGIR would probably save you some money (plus the bother of fitting, and the guitar, being dearer, might be a better guitar too, though of course it might not).

If you're ok with just good pickups and are willing to go with what's good value here, then the stock pickups are not so important.
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