Wrote this while in the throes of a heavy fever. Might put it to music. Feedback welcome.

Dawn on Pneumania

Shyly, Solus peeks through tired trees
From her nest of morning clouds
Squints, then stares, as if in doubt
At some detail of last night's dreams

Waking trees now grown, and stretch, and yawn
Trace their fingers through the mist
Wait for sunlight to have kissed
The sleeping soil, and joined their dawn

Blackbirds, always first to sing their song
Leading nature's symphony;
Wind and leaves in harmony
While bumblebees buzzhum along

Now, at last, the light has reached my bed
Piercing fever's dusty gloom
Lifting from this sickly room
This dark and demon-haunted head

Grace of sunrise, could you not be swayed?
Words and songs in praise I'd write
Glorify you every night
If I might feel you twice a day
I liked this.


"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

man i feel like people don't do rhyming/structured poetry enough here, especially something other than abab cdcd etc. kudos, i really dug this one
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