Boris Johnson boasts: 'I can drink an awful lot at lunch, just like my icon Winston C

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So Boris Johnson wants to do his job pissed apparently. Drunk Boris giving a speech would be hilarious, I say we let him

Maybe we could get Boris to do other stuff Churchill did. Like give him a lance and make him charge some angry Sudanese people(who may or may not have AK-47's).
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Don't go ninjerin nobody don't need ninjerin'
Boris Johnson has created his eccentric buffoon persona and it has played off perfectly. In reality he is a very well educated, intelligent man who speaks coherently. It would not surprise me if he was the leader of the Conservative party within a few years and possibly even Prime Minister.
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boris Johnson is a moron
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Did you hear about the cockney Godfather?

He made them an offer they couldn't understand.
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I hear that Londoners aren't too fond of Boris, but he supported saving the Southbank skatepark, so good on him.

Johnson has twice been democratically elected Mayor of London so he must have good support from Londoners.

I personally don't believe that London should have an elected mayor and the degree of semi-devolution that it brings. It gives an even bigger advantage to the capital over other regions of Britain. Londons economy and power continues to grow whilst the rest of the country stagnates and has done so since the decline of British industry.
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Cant blame him. If I was a politician id need to be piss drunk on the job too.

Coke and Hookers would be my modus operandi.
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I for one, am a supporter of Alcoholic Rights.

We are a downtrodden people.
Good for him. Just get rid of the bloody M4 bus lane when ye get rulership over that rom-com called Parliament, will ye.