Hi guys, just recently I made enough money to buy me a solid guitar (around 800 &euro but I cannot find anything I like. I would love some Explorer or Flying V (not very sharp edged), it gotta have locking tuners and it gotta have tremolo bar. Anyone care to help me, I dont know where to look
Nothing there. Are Explorers and Flying V (not sharp edged - more like Gibson 74) with tremolo really that rare ?
Can't think of any guitar that meets your requirements. There were Schecter Vs with an FR but they discontinued them and sold out remaining at 50% discount early this year. I bought a hardtail Blackjack for 400 GBP.

Dean Chicago Series is probably the only thing close in the pricerange, but they are hardtail and does not come with locking tuners.

Locking tuners would be a total waste with a Floyd so I don't think you will find those two combined. As for vintage trems, they don't come on anything but Strats mostly.
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Since you have a very specific idea of what you're looking for, and you can't find it, I'd consider building a guitar according to those specs.

There are plenty of places to buy bodies and necks from, and the rest of the hardware is even easier to source.
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