Peavey Delta blues 115 is suddenly making some odd noises while I play. It sounds like static and isn't ever louder than my notes, but is suddenly consistently present in the background and it's really annoying. I've had the amp for about a year.

I have 5 pedals in my chain that i have daisy chained and hooked up to a one spot. The noise still happens with the pedals activated. the issue persists when I'm also plugged straight into my amp. What's going on here and is there an easy fix?
I've had this issue with a brand new amp before.

I was informed that a power tube/s likely needed replacing. Although if the noise stops when the amp is in stand by, it could be the pre amp tube/s?

Someone will hopefully correct me if I have got that wrong.
Static background noise could be failing tubes or just poor contact in the tube sockets.

First step:
Get some contact cleaner, pull each tube, spray the pins with contact cleaner, and work them in and out of their tube sockets a few times. Allow it to dry overnight before turning on the amp.

No joy? Swap the tubes with spares one at a time until the static goes away. I do pre-amp tubes first, then power tubes.

If the issue is tube related, this will usually resolve the problem. If none of this works, you have another problem in the circuit somewhere and it probably needs to visit an amp tech.
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Cool, thanks Cajun. I will do this with the power *off* and hopefully not kill myself or my amp. Let's go!