Please tell me your thoughts

There is some Within the ruins, Periphery, a hint of japanese, some funky bass (lol) and various other influence in there :P

Drums were edited by the drummer seen on the video. Ez drummer dubbed over since i dont have the equipment to record drums.


This is the 4th song in my would-be concept album!

Thank you for your time!
Oh man,

Theres so much going on its a little hard to comprehend but I see where all the influences come from. I love the epic feel around 45 seconds in. Things get a bit more 'ugly' in terms of metal riffs going on later but I love the crazy phased out solo, it hurts my brain trying to think how to play that. This sounds incredible, that clean part is pretty great and I'm glad you included synths over it. I wish I could hear more of a bass in the mix, that would be great. The build to the intro riff is drawn out but rewarding. Got me headbanging a bit!

C4C please?
A whole lot of stuff going on, very busy at times (I'd be inclined to have less guitar tracks at times). At first I thought you were playing drums on top of EZDrummer; but now I can see how busy your feet are. The double kick drums (I assume) are busier than I'd do (I don't play real drums), but can't deny that you're playing drums quite well. The guitar solo at around 3:50 is very nice with the rhythm guitars. Guitar playing is rather good. I agree the bass could be louder. Some parts of the song are very good. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

thx guys! about the bass: its loud trust me. lol its just really low tuned. Song is tuned to drop G# (8 string territory)
I almost stopped it after a few seconds thinking it woud be too prog for me. But I didn't and it wasn't!
All the playing is great and tech-y. Drums were serious. I liked the mellow bits the best because they just sound (or more to the point, feel) nice. Pretty sure some bits could be extrapolated into sung songs of their own.
More audible bass next time please.

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