Would this work for what I'm trying to do?


I want to go bass - splitter - 1 out to 1 preamp - the other out to my second preamp.

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Yes that should work for you. I have a number of split boxes I use for live recording so I can split the mics already being used on stage (#1 out to the recorder/mixer and #2 out to the main PA system). I have several similar (but older) Whirlwind boxes and they work just as described and are well built.
To do that you might as well use a Y shaped cable actually.

That box would be
1. overkill because of the tranny bal line outs
2. inconvenient to work with 'cause of the xlr connectors.
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I can't really comment on the bundles they are offering as I already have all the soft-synths and and instrument sounds that I needed and I use an Alesis an SR-16 drum machine that drums. I have have used this stuff for many years and it just works for me. Music Creator 6 comes with the Roland TT1 digital instrument package (this is the latest update of the much loved Roland Sound Canvas) and it has a lot of good usable midi sounds. Sorry I can't help on the other software being offered.

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