What's the best cab for 200€ Brand new to go along with powerball 2? Maybe could stretch to 300....
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You may wanna not get a powerball II for that stuff, and the best cab €200 + shipping can buy is the harley benton g212 vintage.

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try panamaguitars.com

the 2x12 cabs start at $200USD and are just about the purtiest cabs you will ever see in your life. they have a range of aged or custom speakers. They are this affordable mainly because the cabs are built in Panama. to buy and ship to UK, I believe you have to contact them directly. Or wait until they get a UK retailer which will likely be Andertons soon.

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You may wanna not get a powerball II for that stuff, and the best cab €200 + shipping can buy is the harley benton g212 vintage.

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What about 400€?

Just get the Harley Benton G212 Vintage others already mentioned. It isn't worth wasting more money on a cab that won't be considerably better.
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What about 400€?

Harley Benton G412 Vintage, duh.

The cab is plywood and build is decent. Not the best but what makes the cab worth it are the Celestion V30 speakers and thats the important part. You can get better built cabs from other manufacturers for same price but usually the speakers in this price range are shit.

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