Teach me your ways. Seriously, I love these kind of songs and styles. Soothing and relaxing, and those acoustic tones are top notch, you really got the best quality out of your instrument man. I really like this track man! Reminds me of Preston Reed just more laid back.

C4C please?

*edit* That soundcloud prof pic is ****ing insane.
Nope just a 1 take recording of 1 guitar with some reverb compression and eq, all done on 6 strings no bass guitar or drums i just tune my 6th string down alot and play bass with slapping to make percussion.
I just used my martin guitar DXA1E and my good old roland cube (all settings at 12oclock) as a preamp and ran the line out into my pc then used cubase to record adding reverb, compression, eq and a noise gate lost most of the percussion in the song tho by using DI instead of mics.
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...roland cube....

Doh, I didn't consider acoustic guitar plugged to an amp an option?? After hearing your great tone I definetely need to try it, thanks for info.
Amazing playing... super clean. I'm honestly amazed that this is a one take, and with such basic settings. Goes to show you how much value goes into actually playing rather than tweaking your tones. Certain themes in this remind me a tiny bit of 90s Radiohead. Their later album In Rainbows as well. I think its the way you mix the "bass" in with the playing. I hit you with a follow, looking forward to hearing more! How long have you been playing? Also, what kind of mic do you use and how do you position it?

Edit: Hate to be one of those people but can you hit me with a crit too? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1659290
no mics used in this recording was all DI with a crappy 10 watt roland cube and my martin dx1ae.