Hey man thanks for the critique! I really like this song. It reminds me of something that would be in a puzzle game or like menu music of a video game. I don't have any negative to say about it at all. I really dig the second half. Great job!
Thank you for the recent reviews! Now your tune: a unique combination of drums & synths. Around 1:20, the lead synth & bass synth sound very good together. Nothing to gripe about. Just a nice song! Nice audio quality. What synths & drums are you using?
Thanks for the reviews JWG and Aaron! To answer your question, I am using a perc attack lead and surfin' square synths, its all on Mixcraft so the quality is coming along haha :P
Loving the tune but the bass needs turning up abit(IMO) other than that sounds like something from mass effect or some sci fi games music (which is awesome was a great soundtrack to ME3) loving the snare sound aswell!
i actually kind of dig this. And im not saying that just because you critiqued mine. I dont usally do C4C because i believe it brings about dishonest opinions.

But this sounds like it could fit in a video game. It's like earthy trance lol. Doesnt sound TOO electronic. I feel it could be a little longer and a little more busy, but that's just me!

Overall nice melody.
Thanks for the crit, m'friend.

Fantastic sound you got going here. Love the bongo section. You've got enough going on throughout to keep your attention going. I know other people are saying this sounds like a video game track or something but I think it has more of just sit the hell back and chillout and just let your mind wander miles away. Your sounds are great and I personally think the bass is just fine the way it is.

Good stuff dude, always glad to give a listen to your sounds!
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Definitely loved the percussion used here the hat patterns are smooth and use of the bongos a minute in, the main hook is catchy almost a daft punk vibe! Nice track mate