Hey guys, I made a quick demo of EZ Drummer 2 using the basic Modern kit with only the kick and china replaced. I've seen a lot of metal demos for EZD2 but most are using only EZX kits instead of the basic kits, so I thought I'd try to get a good sound, mainly out of the basic kit. What do you think?
Also, C4C as always!
The kit sounds pretty damn good, and so does the guitar riffs. I really like the riff towards the end of the song where the guitar is almost in half time. So I think you should make this into a full song!

C4C please?
Guitar playing is tight & heavy. It seems like you have one third to one half of a complete song. Except for some good vocals, which would be nice, it seems you've done most of the work for a complete song if you don't mind repeating parts or copying & pasting some bits. Sounds good to me what you have. Please review my music at this link:

Thanks for the critiques guys!
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That's the bass drum sound that Fenriz told us about... No really, that sounds pretty good for a drum machine. Did you add any effects (besides compressor)?

The only other effect I used was a little bit of reverb!
I can hear some compression ducking on this track.
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Those drums sound great, the snare is crisp and the kick drum has a good punch and there's a good blend from the click of the beater. The guitar is well done as well, as others have said above, it would be good to hear this made into a full song.

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Noticed the compression like the few others that mentioned it. I do think the cymbals sound too dry. The kick/snare combo is great; nice and thick with a punch. Some sick riffs you've got here; liking that change-up at the end. Heavy stuff. Followed you on SC. You've got some good tunes, dude. Keep it up!