High end, vintage Pacifica. HSS / fat strat style. All original, a bit relic'd, but adds to character and plays great. This retailed for $699 over 25 years ago, and is offered for $325. If you are not aware, google these older Yamaha's and you 'll find a ton of people saying they are amazing bang for the buck. Compared to what you'd get for $325 for a new guitar, this just blows the competition away.

See listing here:


I don't have the original trem arm. but it is a bit fatter than other trem arms I've come across. Which means those other, thinner trem arms will slide right in and work fine, and won't fall out unless you lean the guitar face downward (which is damn near impossible to do while playing). So you can pick up a trem arm that'll work for a couple bucks. I've also read about people making a "bushing" -- a piece that will "marry" a more common size trem arm to the size hole so a different size trem arm will lock in. I'm not a tool guy, and as noted, I find it's not necessary. But the point is, if you really want a trem arm that locks in solid, you have a few options -- find an old trem arm that is the right size (which must be floating around as Yamaha sold tons of guitars in the 80s with these trems), buy an aftermarket trem arm that is the right size (they do exist), or find/make a bushing so a more common size trem arm will fit.

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