My first guitar given to me by my father over 11 years ago is a Moridira Hurricaine Limited Edition LTD.II. I have always loved this guitar and have never had much need to change anything on it, but i would love to know some of the specs of this beautiful creature. What kind of wood is used or any other information that someone might know about it as it is quite difficult to find anything on it other than it was what Jason Becker used to play. Any and all help is much appreciate it, thanks in advance.
Jason Becker played a lot of things. This is the Hurricane (I think Jason's was white). I think Jason still posts on his message board and has answered questions about the guitar. You might check there. It's amazing that he does this while only able to control his eyes (and some head movements):

Wiki has this:

Jason says on his message board "Mike Varney got Hurricane to endorse us after we recorded Speed Metal Symphony. I liked how they were like Strats, only beefier."

On Perpetual Burn, Jason says on his message board: "I used my white and black Hurricane guitar for everything. For clean tone I went direct. For dirty tone I used a 100 Watt Marshall with a Boss Super Overdrive pedal."

The Moridira Hurricane guitar he used is called a Limited Edition LTD.2 model, believed to be made in Japan. (It is not a Hurricane EX series, which appears to be lower quality.) His LTD.2 was a "strat copy" as Jason says, but with a HSS pickup setup, a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, and unique Floyd Rose where you don't have to cut the strings. For pickups, Jason said on his message board: "I just used the stock pickups it came with." The pickups were Japanese-made pickups.

On the cover of Perpetual Burn he is pictured with a blue Hurricane guitar. He did not use this blue guitar on Perpetual Burn. Differences on this guitar from his first Hurricane include DiMarzio pickups, a maple fretboard, and 24 frets. (Interestingly Marty Friedman recorded the whammy parts of his song "Dragon Mistress" using this blue Hurricane, one of the rare times Marty has recorded whammy work.)

Beginning on the second Cacophony album, Marty switched to Carvins (Carvin has a replica of those guitars available, minus the Kahler trem (Floyd has been subbed) and with a slightly modified headstock -- a portion of the proceeds go to benefit Jason's medical care).

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Thank you for the info, I will check on his website and see what i can find. And yeah mine is just like that but white and black. Thank you again