I mostly try to learn lead metal guitar. But sometimes I am not sure if I am holding the pick correctly to get the most accurate and fastest picking. My favourite picks are the Jazz III Ultex and Jazz III Ultex 2.0. I guess that there are picks with better grips like the Jazz III Max Grip. However, how hard should you hold the pick? Do you hold the pick so hard that it never moves around between your fingers or do you hold it loose?
How do you keep your picking consistent through a long solo if the pick keeps sliding around? Do you regrip it while in the middle of the solo when playing or what?
You should always aim to reduce tension as much as possible. Tension is never good and will reduce accuracy, speed and in the long run it may lead to injury. Guitarplaying is sadly full of repetitive motion that can cause big trouble with injuries like carpal tunnel, tendonitis and other as a consequence. If you are experiencing any pain either during playing or after, you should stop and evaluate what you are doing and what the cause of this pain is.

To answer your question, try to hold your pick just tight enough to that it stays in your grip while playing. The Jazz III Max Grip picks are pure gold. Switched to them about a year and a half ago and I will never go back to the regular slippery ones.
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I see. I have many Jazz III Max Grip picks but I don't use them. I like the Ultex material more and therefore I have used the Ultex Jazz III picks but they have worse grip. Are there any Jazz III Ultex Max Grip picks? If not, why don't they make them because that would be the ultimate pick for me and many others I think. Thanks for the help and answer.
The answer i've found is: softer than you think.

Granted, i have been playing for a while. But every now and then i feel that i can hold the pick a little softer. Years ago i used to hold it really hard, so what i have been doing since then is to hold it as softly as i can without it sliding out of my fingers, then i get used to playing with that amount of pressure. When i am used to that, i can often let go a little more, and when i get used to that, a little more.

As Homer said, tension is never a good thing. So you have to get rid of all that you can. Some things you can get rid of the tension more easily, while holding the pick you might have to do it in stages as i mentioned to get a really loose, relaxed and tension free grip that can still pick properly. I hold my pick extremely softly nowadays, if someone were to touch my pick while i was playing it would fall out of my fingers, but it is just enough so that i can play everything properly and accent whatever i have to. Try slowing down really far, down to 30-40 bpm and see how softly you can hold the pick without it falling out.
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Yeah honestly you should be applying next to no pressure holding the pick. I used to have issues with the pick slipping all the time (regular Jazz III picks), but after a lot of picking practice it just seems to go away. I occasionally re grip the pick still, but this is second nature and I don't think about it anymore.

I wish I could give more in depth advice on how to deal with this but honestly it all comes down to a lot of practice and making sure you apply as little tension as possible. It's a bit like holding a pen, you don't press your finger into the pen while holding it right? Likewise you don't press your fingers into the pick to make it stay put.

Try doing everything sickz said above, that's a good way to get used to holding the pick like this.
For a slightly different perspective on this: you can get a lot of dynamic control by adjusting your grip on the pick. If you grip it harder so it moves less you will get louder notes, softer grip and you get softer notes. It's worth experimenting a bit to get a balance between tone, dynamic control, and minimal tension.
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I started using the Jazz III Max Grip again and I think I will use that for a while now if that's better. Thanks for all answers. I'll try to loosen the grip a bit more or do what Zaphod said.

Btw, do you agree that they should make Jazz III Ultex Max Grip picks too? I would buy them at least.
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I vary my grip on the pick all the time according to what I'm doing, never even think about it any more. I use heavy blue, green or yellow Dunlop Tortex pics, they seem to have pretty good grip and I rarely drop them. Tight for more volume and attack, loose for a softer sound, vise grip when I'm really banging on it. I've gone home with bloody knuckles before...very rarely though...but usually I vary greatly even during one song. Just depends on what I'm doing, and after playing for as long as I have it's second nature now, I don't even think about it.

For acoustic I use lighter picks, usually the orange or red Tortex. Usually have a tighter grip on them because I'm usually playing harder. Then I ghange picks according to what I want, the thinner red one for a lighter sound.
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