Hello. Just wondering on other peoples opinions on what I should get. I really want one of those all mahogany martin guitars but I just can't drop that kind of money. Is there anything I could get remotely similar in the 3-400 range. I don't mind second hand. I'm in Vancouver B.C.
"Recording King", guitars are supposed to have a Martin sort of tonal philosophy. I think you can probably find one at about 300 or 400 "Oh, Cana-dallars".
Yeah, Recording King, Blueridge, Yamaha. The first two because of apparently good build quality, Yamaha because of their high reputation. I also like Tanglewood, because of good tone and an interesting range of models, and I recently tried a couple of Aria dreads that I thought sounded very good. Tried a Martin 000-15 yesterday that was a dog.
there aren't a lot of all-mahogany guitars in your price range... and those that are have laminate back and sides. the only one that comes to mind is the fender tim armstrong hellcat. i really like how it sounds, actually, as the maple neck combats some of the boxiness successfully. that being said, while i like the cats and skulls on the guitar, you may not

maybe you could find a used recording king ROS-616 http://www.recordingking.com/products/guitars-all-models/guitars-ros616
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Try a Seagull. High build quality, made in Quebec, very Martinesque tone at 1/10th the cost. I like em a lot.
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i don't find that seagulls have a martiny tone - in fact, i like the seagull original S6 sound better than a lot of martins.

that being said, the OP was looking for a tone like the martin 15 series. i don't care for the 15 series that much, but the mahogany top is going to make things more difficult in his budget.
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Try a Seagull. High build quality, made in Quebec, very Martinesque tone at 1/10th the cost. I like em a lot.

Honestly, Seagull's are really nice. I play a Martin D-15, but in hindsight could have been happy with a Seagull purchase....
You could look at Sigma, there not bad guitars and seem to be directly modeled after Martins. You could get a DM-15 in your price range. Its a solid mahogany top with laminate mahogany back and sides.

TBH I have never tried one of these, but other Sigmas I have tried have been decent.

Good luck looking.
Washburn wd100dl is an all mahogany guitar, all laminate also. I'm sure it won't be in the same league as a Martin but it's 149 USD and has positive reviews. I'd try before you buy. I have a washburn and it's a stunningly beautiful guitar and has a nice sound but you have to play each chord perfectly(right behind the frets) or it buzzes like crazy The action is set up well - low but not so low that it should buzz, plus the G string just sounds a little bit dead to me(no sustain). My guess is that the fretwork isn't perfect and I'm sure that's common among lower priced guitars.

Don't have any experience with Sigma but yes they've made a living off aping Martin and people tend to talk pretty well of them so that might be a good place to look.
i wouldn't mess with the washburn. just because it's got mahogany veneer doesn't mean the wood underneath is mahogany; in fact, with most companies it's a cheaper wood, so if you're looking for the sound of all solid mahogany, you won't find it here. i also personally don't care for "the washburn sound" to begin with, so if the price tempts you, i suggest you try one in person before you buy.
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There are a lot of decent guitars in that range. Make sure it has a solid top, and that word specifically. They all say spruce or mahogany, but that golden word SOLID has to be there, otherwise it's plywood.

I've owned and played many guitars, and one of my favorites is a Guild GAD125. The entire body is solid, plays great, looks great, sounds great, just a fantastic guitar all around. They're about $500 and will easily last your entire life if taken care of, you'll never outgrow it, you can play any style of music on it, and tour and record professionally with it no problem, it that's where you end up. I'd say to just get that new, or used.
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If you find a safety solution, I think you should choose FG700s or Seagull S6 Original

They are the best guitar with amazing sound at good budget, especially FG700s, just about 200$

If you want to know how to choose a good guitar, detail in this article . You also will find a range of great guitar recommended for yourself.
I'd second Patticake's suggestion of the Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat. great little guitar for the price. I picked one up this spring. nice guitar for the price as long as you get rid of the cheap, crappy strings it comes with quickly. it won't sound like a Martin 000-15M or a taylor 324 or 524 but, it's pretty good.
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i went to a shop downtown and really liked the seagull mahogany with spruce top and the all mahogany cort which are both under 400 bucks. Once I get the cash I will decide between those. Thank you.