Good afternoon all,

I am still a novice guitar player at best, I've been "playing" for a while but sadly haven't given the proper amount of time to practicing.

I'm looking to upgrade my Electric guitar from a basic P.O.S. (due mostly to my lack of care) Squire Strat. Most likely is the cheapest model there was ten yrs ago.
It plays really poorly and it is time for me to get a big boy guitar.

Washburn WI64, a shop has a sale and has this one posted up for $650CAD +tx down to $389CAD +tx.

Essentially, I know I've got zero knowledge in this domain, and have been doing my best to find some info online.
My question is, am I getting ripped off at that price? I've looked around and haven't found any other Washburns being sold in stores so its tough for me to compare.

Thanks for the info
8-9 years ago I bought a new WI64DL (slightly fancier) for I think 425 US.

So no, not a good price.

Hollywood GC has a used one in stock for 150, not sure if they'll ship to Canada but it gives you an idea of the price. It's in 'fair' condition so that's probably as low as you'll ever see one of these, but even so that's a long way from 390.