I thought we saw the ocean
Flooding feet of ours.
You can feel it, but it's not an emotion.
It's like you watch, but don't toutch the stars.
Further we'd go there with not even walking,
Than with our legs stuck in the ground...
I know you don't want to, but I can keep talking
About the treasure that we have just found.
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i think the imagery is quite powerful, im really getting a sense of the picture you're trying to paint with your words. i dont really know what melody you intend to sing this with, but i can see a 1-2-1-2 rhyme pattern here. the last line perhaps, maybe should rhyme with walking to convey a sense of finality to the verse before it progresses. Or, you can try swapping "just found" with "here found" so that it fits better with "the ground", sound-wise. again, very beautiful stuff. i like it loads. let us know if you record this or write a song.
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