I was thinking about buying a Zoom G5 effect processor. Of course if you know anything about the pedal, you know that the patch selection is not well thought out. I'm using a Fender Mustang Amp, for the patch selection on the amp I have something plugged in to cycle through the effects. Can I attach what I have plugged into my amp to the Zoom pedal for cycling through effects? Or do I have to buy a mod?
I use a G3 which works in the same way as the G5 and have no problem switching things around, even mid-song when I'm playing a gig. Not sure what you think the problem will be.

To answer your question though - no, the pedal you have for your amp won't control the G5.

Why do you want a G5 though? As you already have effects built into your amp, it seems you're trying to fix something with the wrong solution. Modelling amps like yours don't always take pedals well, especially when the pedals do modelling as well.

What are you trying to achieve by purchasing the G5?
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