First post here, hi everyone

Well, my problem is quite simple... I've just bought an awesome vintage Fernandes guitar, in great shape and aged look, neck-thru construction, etc., which I can't find in ANY of Fernandes' catalogs. There are some very similar, but all of them are bolt-ons and have floyd-rose licensced bridges. By the pics you can see that mine is totally different, like as if it was some kind of custom model. I managed to find a very light serial number print under the bridge humbucker... and that's all.

I wonder if anyone has ever seen one of these and has some information to share... thanks in advance!

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It's an 85' FV-1. I've never seen one in person, and I've been collecting for years. I can say that about a lot of Fernandes though, so take it for what it's worth. Looks damn nice though.

Hi mr.rs, thanks a lot for your reply!

*it sounds great, by the way... you wouldn't believe how it sounds with those stock p'ups!
It seems that the picture whose link you've posted here is all the information available on the whole internet lol

Keep searching, that's what I do. You have to think of other cunning ways than the usual websites. Search overseas forums and websites as well, whether you can read them or not.
Fernandes/Burny seem to release some oddballs & prototypes into the general marketplace. Whether that is intentional or not, I can't say. Some of them are demo models. I recently spotted an unmarked Ravelle somewhere. No question about what it was, though.

Age I know of a seller in eBay who is selling/has sold a few prototype Ravelles and Vulcans.

So what you have might be a prototype or demo model, not initially intended for sale, but taking up space that was needed for something else...

Looks like a nice score, too!
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Sure, it just happened that I missed that small guitar placed in that single page off 85' guitar catalog...

By the way, 79 guitars.. that's a hell of a high number hahaha congrats, mr.rs... I'll get to the two digits one day