I'm having trouble singing while playing guitar in several of my songs where the chord progression is just too damn complicated. I haven't formed a band yet and I'm trying to decide before hand if it would be ok to loop the chord progression during more difficult songs so that I can sing. Alternatively I'm thinking it might be just fine letting the base carry the melody during those vocal portions. Any tips are welcome.
Edit: I just feel really cheap if I use a looping effect. I also fear it might make performances less exciting.
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Do what you gotta do man, keep practicing but if push comes to shove you shouldn't feel bad about it.
Take a lesson from Ed Sheeran. Does so much with the loop pedal and he still has so much energy if you ever get the chance to see him live. I use loop pedals all the time when i sing and play guitar and I do not think it takes away from the performance
Talking Heads did a loop guitar while David Byrne sang in 'Pulled Up'

I slipped, and I got pulled
Pulled up, I tripped, and then you pulled,
you pulled me up
I slipped, and I got pulled,
Pulled up, I slipped, and then you pulled,
you pulled me up pull me up pull me up...
Pulled me up up up up up up up up