So in numerous places I see guitars that are idle and not being played having their strings held down with a capo or something. Can anyone tell me why this is? I just recently got an ibanez and am concerned that leaving it idle with nothing on it might affect it.
Is this behind the nut? You're probably talking about the string retainer. These are just to get a better break angle over the nut.

Edit: Would be a good idea to post a photo of the part that you're talking about. Then we'll know for sure.
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A photo would be nice. I'm pretty sure that not having a capo is completely okay, and some guitars have a string retainer, some don't. I guess that your Ibanez is going to be completely okay.
So you think leaving a capo on the guitar when stored is somehow preferable to just leaving it sit there as the builder made it? Please, I'd like to hear your reasoning behind that idea.
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Thanks! So when I visited my local Music Shop, they told me the same thing, they are probably retainers. And there is no harm if you don't use one.