Welp, I am very sadly afflicted by GAS again. I figure I could use an extended range guitar to handle some heavier stuff like Meshuggah. Or maybe that's my excuse for wanting another guitar. Anyway, I'm not into nu-metal, but I like to play with death and other extreme metal sometimes. Apart from that, I find my guitars struggle with low tunings, and the longer scale length of 28" would help.

The only difference between these two guitars as far as I can tell is on one I get an extra string, on the other I get a Floyd Rose.

The 7-FR only has a FR Special, which might not be as good as an original. I have an LTD with an FR original, and it works fine, but takes ages to setup.

The 8 string might be harder for me to get used to, but will help me develop my tremelo without using an FR. I can switch tunings, which will probably be a must.

I'm leaning towards the 8 string, but thoughts? I don't know if I'll actually need the 8th string.

I could buy new or used. These guitars seem to be real cheap used so I might go used, but alternatively I can order an 8 string in from my local store for £500. If I buy the 7-FR I'll have to go used.

I'm aiming to cover bands like Meshuggah, Periphery, Amon Amarth and Nightrage with this guitar.

If I'm barking up the wrong tree let me know. I'm open to other brands or guitars, but not another LTD. I was disappointing with the Gus-600, it would have costed nearly 3 times as much as my Les Paul had I bought it new, but seems to be poorer quality, such as high frets which are going to cost me a visit to the luthier at some point.

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If you don't know if you'll use the 8th string, then that isn't something anyone can answer.
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