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So I bought a guitar today for R100 (say about $10) and I intend to restore it and return it to full working condition.
The guitar I believe is a 1960s Bellini acoustic, they were manufactured here in South Africa around then and were decent guitars. I think the only locally manufactured guitars. It's in terrible condition unfortunately so I have a lot of work to do on it.

Where do I begin with this project? I thought I'd sand down the entire guitar first and remove all the nicks, blemishes and scratches, then remove that piece of wood which is used as a bridge and either get a new one or reposition this one and glue it then clamp it down. I'll install a new nut as well, again there is a piece of wood being used here and I think its been glued down. The neck is slightly bent but nothing too bad. Frets are in decent condition and the tuning heads are okay but I may just replace them.

Any advice or opinions would be much appreciated, this is my first time doing this so if there's any methods I should follow or anything I should be doing, let me know.

Here are the pictures:

If the neck is bent and there is no adjustable truss-rod, throw it away or make a wall hanger out of it because it will never play right.
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I don't mind really if I can't adjust the neck, it's not too bad right now but I'll see what I can do. If I can restore the guitar decently then I'd be happy. I'm using this more to learn.
The bend in the neck is really, really bad.

There is a way to fix this sort of thing. But it isn't something a layman can just 'fix'.

Basically you want to force the neck into a backbow using clamps and leaving the neck for a few days. In an effort that when the clamps are removed, the neck maintains the curvature (or at least partially) applied to it when it was clamped. There are videos on Youtube that show how to do this. If that isn't an option to you, the guitar's terrible playability is something you're going to have to live with.
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Thanks a lot T00DEEPBLUE

I'll definitely try that method. If it works or not I'll be okay with it. I have some strings for it already.

How do I go about refinishing it? Will sanding it down then staining it work? I'm not too worried about losing the sunburst finish, like I said this is just a project and I'd like to see what I can do with it.