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out of all the jobs you have had , what has been the one that has lastest shortest?

for me - 3 days work experience at a college.
it was from your mum
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one day
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3 nights at a nightclub. 3rd night I said fvck this shit and quit
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I went through a couple months of training for basically a door-to-door sales job in exterior painting.

I worked one weekend and quit, I hated it. However, I've worked over 4 years at my current job so I think that makes up for it.
One year. If i were to quit my gym job the new record would be like 5 months.
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I worked at a gym - front desk for 3 shifts and said **** this shit and quit and gave the key back
Work experience during college - 5 months
Delivering the sunday paper - little over a year
Working at my uncle's firm - year and a half I guess
My current job - 1 year, 3 months and counting (though my contract's good for another 9 months at least)
I used to work with my dad sporadically if he needed help with a particular job. Sometimes he'd need assistance with a job for just a day, sometimes for a couple of weeks.
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2 weeks and 4 days, working every day.

It was min. wage, of course, but due to the sheer number of hours, I made a decent amount of cash.
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Summer job, took on a project at my university library, organising and cataloguing a huge donation of books from various sources.

The whole project took me about 8 weeks of 9 - 5 work, and paid pretty well - enough to pay my rent (and food/bills etc) through summer, clear my overdraft and pay for a weekend at a hotel in Cheltenham for a brass band contest.
4 months
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one day

this is because i started yesterday you guys suck
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About four months. But to be fair, it wasn't my fault. I moved five hundred miles away to work it and the investor ruined everything because he's a shady mother****er.
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3 months washing dishes at a local place.

It sucked, it was cold, I walked home wet in the snow.

I find that washing dishes works best with hot water
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im notorious for getting bored after 4-6 months and quitting

This is why I hate having to note all previous work experience on cvs. Jumping from job to job looks bad, but man most jobs are boring and the grass always looks greener.
well I've done like 5-hour long photoshoots for people, processing included.
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Maintenance in an Hospital. Only worked there for 2 days. The job was stupidly boring and they had no parking available for employees. You had to take the bus for 2 hours to get there and it was only 10 km's away...
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About 3-4 weeks.

Was a bus boy for a local bar. Didn't get fired, but didn't quit either. Some new kid started working my shifts and and one day when we both show up, my boss tells me to go home and only come in when they call me. This was 4 years ago.

Thank god they never called back.
Three days. Dishwashing at a busy, dirty chain joint. Applied for a day shift. They say theres none available and give me 3pm-3am six days a week. Nope not worth it.
I did a few weeks in retail.
I was hired on for a seasonal gig.
Worked Black Friday and then the next two weekends after that.
It was shitty.
Glad they didn't want me to stick around.
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I worked a summer at the nursing home, which was understood by all parties anyway. I was called a "volunteer," but I was paid, so .

I've worked at Wendy's (you might call it "on and off") for about three years now switching between two stores under the same ownership. Skip the rest if you're not interested in the explanation. I quit the first time because I finally had all the guitar gear, which was the goal in the first place, came back like a week later because I couldn't stand the idea of not making money after being accustomed to it. I was later "suspended" but I wasn't fired was because they were waiting until I decided I wanted to come back or something, so they never filled out the termination paperwork. Working there made me miserable, so I became very difficult, but excelled at my job so they wouldn't be so rash to fire me. I requested a day off (my sixth time in two years- this was the only time it was for a leisure activity and wasn't necessary) and the general manager chuckled and said "I thought you were kidding"). That day, I quit and called a former manager who was promoted to another store to ask if I could use him as a reference, and he suggested I come work with him at his store.

I'm thinking about quitting again because I think there's nowhere left I could go with this job. My current GM tried to have me promoted, but the owner said no because I couldn't give them full availability. He's still trying to have me promoted, but that's the only thing that still has me tethered to my job, and if it fails, I'll likely start looking elsewhere.
1 day. I was a waiter for a restaurant for a grand total of 1 day. It closed down the day after they hired me, raising the question of why they hired me in the first place...Or maybe I just did a really bad job and doomed the restaurant in that 1 day. Either way, they never paid me -.-

If I hadn't gotten fired it would have been 1 week, since I'm guessing that's the longest I would have been able to stick as a waiter in a restaurant.

My next would have been 2 weeks work experience in high school.

Everything else has been a minimum of 6 months since a lot of my jobs have been contracted for 6 months minimum.
When I was eleven I broke the patio window and my mother sued me... She's always been a very aggressive litigator.
3 months, washing dishes during the summer between school years when I was 14.
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3.5 years at a supermarket.....I've only ever actually had two jobs
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4 and a half days, it was my first job and I got really sick part way in and was fired. The management said I was taking too long off (3 days) and that was that.

That dude was a dick.
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4 weeks before i was tired of their shit and quit.
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