I'm looking for some books on music theory. I've noticed amazon has some specifically for guitar around fretboard theory. Are there any you all can recommend? I'm basically a beginner guitarist but want to understand about the different scales and modes and other theory related items. Are there any single books that are comprehensive in their discussion of theory?
The important thing to remember is that you can't really learn about this stuff from a book alone, because a book doesn't make sound and that's the most important aspect of theory. they work great as a companion to face to face lessons, or to fill in the gaps and provide a foundation for learning from a video or DVD.

However, you can't "learn theory" visually, you need to be able to hear things to understand them and when you're learning theory making those sounds yourself with your guitar isn't really an ideal solution.
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Hi everbody, I want to learn guitar music theory books and videos If it is possible easy to learn? and can i get?
I dunno if this would be considered a theory book.... But the guitar grimoire scales and modes is a wealth of information. The only thing is that they don't give too much explanation. It really helped me as far as soloing in different keys and modes. Also chord scale compatibility. I actually prefer the lack of explanation, it helped me get creative in writing while I figured the stuff out.
I'm a huge fan of John Oswin's music theory videos on YouTube. I learned more from him than every other attempt at learning theory put together. He starts with the very basics and moves on from there. Great sense of humor, too.
Books are okay But I personally cannot sit down and read a book about music for too long. I would rather watch YouTube videos like what jds2 said.

If you want to check out interactive music lessons that quiz you on your theory, http://bandora.co can help.
I started watching the John Oswin videos and they are great. Thanks for the recommendation.
I've made a few recommendations here: http://stuartbahn.com/resources/recommended-reading-for-guitarists/

If you like the Beatles then Dominic Pedler's book is a pleasure to read.