FS: Vintage (1982?) neck-thru Harmony double cut solidbody, like Vantage Artist 800


Selling this mysterious and beautiful guitar. Harmony on the headstock, no model name or number, cannot find an identical guitar anywhere on the internet. With what seems to be OHSC in great condition.

After extensive searching, I'm led to believe it was marketed through Montgomery Wards as their top end guitar, probably around 1982. I read it has dimarzios, but have not taken the pickups out to check that. Great neck thru design, makes me pretty sure it's a Matsumoku creation, and the similarity to Vantage Artist 800 is undeniable from the neck thru pattern and configuration of controls, etc.

I listed it for $600 and got an offer of $500 within a day, and I may accept I don't get a better offer by tomorrow. So I thought I'd see if any UG-ers were interested.

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