Sounds like you got a really nice studio everything is mega clean, this song sounds like it should be on some tv show intro or movie really nice job! only thing I can suggest is the drums are a tiny bit to loud if that was down this would be 100% finished not much people can say to improve its all there!

followed back =) thanks for the kind words
thanks man! I'm looking forward to your stuff as well.
I agree the drums are a tad too loud, but sounds great nonetheless. You've got a real nice and mellow voice. I'm really enjoying this song. Love the style, structure, and how the song sounds in general. Following you on SC. You've got some awesome tunes, dude! The lyrics leave a heavy impression. Well-written and makes the listener think. The bass and leads added are an excellent touch. Amazing song!

thanks guys! We'll mess with the volumes a tad if we ever do anything else with the song. I'm checking your stuff out now.