'Sup UG,

I was wondering about your opinions on dropping a Gibson Les Paul Standard to extremely low tunings. I play in a stoner/sludge band and our tunings vary from D standard all the way to an alternate drop G tuning.

I keep my 5 highest strings in D standard tuning at all times (whole step down) but I downtune my lowest string to C, A# and even G for certain songs. So far, it has stayed in tune fairly well, but I do have some problems with the looseness of the lowest string when it's tuned to G. For instance, when I play the string too hard, it sounds out of tune because it sort of bends the note up a half step. If I play the string gently, it's a perfect G but then I miss the attack that I get from playing it roughly.

I use Ernie Ball 'Not Even Slinky' strings (12-56 gauge).

My question: is it a good idea to keep experimenting with this or should I just cave and buy a baritone 6-string or a 7-string already? My guitar was set up in drop C tuning about 2 years ago. Or is there a way to set it up so that the lowest string can still remain in tune at such a low note?

Thanks in advance.
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if you're gonna use multiple turnings that span that far it's really best to get a second guitar. not that a les paul can't do lower tunings, but i mean tuning up and down so much like that is inconvenient and probs not great for the neck and strings

for anything lower than drop b its best to get a baritone or a seven
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Baritone would be the go. Baritone 7 you could tune the first 6 to D standard and drop the B to the G and still get great tension across the string (no instability of the note).

You're certainly going to need a heavier gauge than .12 if you're playing in drop G my friend. No wonder it's flubbing. However you'll probably have to raise your action to avoid buzz too.
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Or just use the Not Even Slinkys and buy a .60 string for the low E, it's hassle but loads of people do it, or just buy a 7 string set and get rid of the 6th string so you use the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 7th
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