Hi guys.

After many years of playing the guitar (quite badly by the way) on and off I decided that I will
practise consistently until i become quite decent (for ex. i gave up playing PC for two months now - yeah it was that hard.lol - and i replaced it with playing guitar. Since then I have improved quite a bit I must say).

Anyways I want to buy now a new guitar. Currently I have a Cort Evl Z4 which at the beginning I didnt like so much, but recently i really started to like it.

I play hard rock mostly and sometimes i try to play some metal. However one day -when i get decent - I would like to play many styles of music.

I was thinking of buying a nice guitar for up to max 1500 €.

Now was thinking of buying either:

1. Gibson Les Paul Signature T in Wine Red.


There is a shop where I live (in Spain) who has it. I tried it and I liked the sound (although i was a bit bright) and I really liked the neck of that guitar.

The Les Paul Sig. T retails for 1400 € at the Shop.

2. Gibson Explorer Standard in Ebony.

This one i tried to, i found it super comfortable to play. I loved the sound (more than the les paul) however I didnt really like the neck as much as the Les Paul.

This one was for 1090 €.

3. I found a used Gibson Les Paul Standard from 1997.

The guy (a musician) asks 1600 €. To me its too high, it has been around for sale for quite a few months now but I will go and try it and perhaps I will make him a offer for 1200 €-1300 € .He is selling because he needs the money with the crisis in Spain.


4. A new 2014 Gibson Les Paul Classic from Thoman. For 1477 €


4. I found a used ESP M-II from about 2007-2008. The guy app. had it recently revised by a tech to make sure the Floyd etc is working well. He sells it for 800 €


Now my questions are:

Which one of these guitars would suit me better. I was thinking of buying a nice guitar which I can keep for my whole life. Which keeps it's value relatively well (that's why I was thinking of Gibson. As it seems that even after many years it doesnt lose its value like say the Used ESP which now retails for about half of its new price).

Also, I often hear that Gibsons in the past sounded and were better made than what they are now. Is that really true? The Sig. T has for ex. granadillo fretboar.... to me it felt normal when i played it, the only minus is that it doesnt look as nice as rose wood.

What do you guys think?

Thank you for your help.

Out of those, personally I'd go ESP. Save some money to buy other bits of gear too, plus you can't play the gibsons before buying them.

Also, not sure about EU prices but 1600 for a les paul standard seems a bit much to me, BUT I don't have much knowledge on how much Gibsons Les Paul Standards go for used. But I see them on a Local FB page for 1,200-1400, when they come up.
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Regarding the EVL Z4 it is a damn good guitar for the price, except for being a little bit neck heavy. But all it needs is a good pick up swap and a pro setup. It sounds magnificent after that.

About new guitars if you are looking for Gibson style guitar try to look for new Japanese Tokai guitars if there are any near you. The MIJ ones cost less than those used Gibsons and are excellent quality.

Also that ESP is a good deal I think. I dont know what value M-II usually is but whenever I see actual ESPs (not LTD I mean) on used market they are usually over 900€. If you think you need a Floyd I would give it a try if its close to you.

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Thanks for the input guys. I am considering all options still. On the one hand I like money and hence i think I should go and get the ESP because as both of you said it seems like a good deal.
I don't know about the Floyd though....I hear some people say that it's a pain to set up at first. Does it take that long to set up when putting new strings on?

On the other I love the Les Pauls and the Gibson Explorer. I will check if they have Tokai Guitars in the shop where I go to. And i will try them all before making a decisions.

And regarding the Cort EVL Z4, yeah its a sweet guitar for the price, even with the stock pickups.

Thanks for the input all.