"In Manus Tuas"

Into Thy Hands: The Martyrdom of Mary, Queen of Scots
A Symphony for Electric Guitars and Synthetic Instruments

Movement Start time

1. A Saint Among Sinners (Adventus) 0:00
2. A Bless'ed Life Beseiged 3:50
3. Struggle and Sacrifice 7:44
4. Who Forgives The Headsmen? 20:45
5. Reginaium In Caelio (Two Queens In Heaven) 34:07
6. Reward and Redemption (Finale) 40:00

Total time 44:00

For my mother, another queen.

Created, performed, engineered and produced by:
Dr. Dennis McClain-Furmanski PhD, aka
Wheatstone Bridge & JustUs Productions

With great appreciation to:

Dr. Laszlo Oroszi PhD, creator of ChordPulse

The Audacity development team, past and present