Hi, this is my first post, I hope it is in the right place.

I have a Jackson DK2 with a Floyd Rose bridge. I have put new strings on and now I can't get it in tune. I can tune E a and d then g b and e go out of tune, I then tune g b and e and E a and d go out of tune.

I am going round in circles. Can anyone help?

Any advice gratefully appreciated.

When you strung the guitar, did you block off the the bridge (ie, stick anything underneath the bridge to stop it from collapsing into the body) and did you use the same brand and gauge as the old set? if you did this, I would recommend tuning, starting with the high E, then the B, back to the E, back to the B, then tune the G string, then check the E and B strings again, check the G, then move on to the D string. Just continue this to the low E, then lock the nut. This should solve your issue.
Also how many times are your strings wound around the tuning pegs?

If they aren't wound around enough (or too much; wound around) then it can make it harder to stay in tune etc.

Make sure you have some slack when you tighten up those strings so they can wind around enough times.
You don't tune a guitar with a floyd rose like you tune other guitars. One way to tune it (the way I prefer doing it) is:
1-Tune the G string;
2-Tune the D string;
3-Check the G string, if it went out of tune, tune it again;
4-Tune the B string;
5-Check all the strings you have previously tuned;
6-Tune the A string;
7-Repeat step 5;
8-Tune the high E string;
9-Repeat step 5;
10-Tune the low E string;
11-Repeat step 5;
12-Repeat all steps over and over until your guitar is in tune.

The thing here is to tune from the middle to the edges. You can also do from the edges to the middle, but I find that middle to edges gets my guitar in tune faster.

Remember that your bridge set up must be in order. It takes me about 10min to get my guitar in tune when I change strings, and almost no time when the guitar is not badly out of tune.
Hi, not sure about the brand of string as I bought the guitar second hand so not sure what brand was on it but they are the same gauge.

I didn't block the bridge, guess I should have done some research before restringing it.

I will try tuning in the order you suggested.

Thank you for your advice.

Thanks for the advice guys, very much appreciate it.

After following your advice on tuning and blocking the bridge, I watched a youtube video on adjusting the spring tension and my guitar is now in tune.
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If you didn't block the Floyd Rose *before* you took the strings off, you're going to go through some rounds of tuning. The short explanation is that you're balancing the tension of the strings (which is "tuning") against the tension of the springs in the back of the guitar.

One of the things you're likely to notice when playing the guitar with the Floyd Rose is that when you bend one or more notes, the unbent notes will go flat. Same reason.

Next time you change strings, slip a bit of wood or a stack of post-its under the butt end (between the back of the trem and the wood of the guitar) of the Floyd to keep it in tuned (horizontal) position. If you do this correctly, you should be able to remove the strings, put new ones on, and then tune up with the wood/post-its firmly in place, held there by the tension of the springs. When you remove the block, you should stay roughly in tune.