I went to the store a few days ago to buy some general supplies, and I played a few guitars for fun while I was at it. One guitar I tried was this:


It left a great impression on me. It has nice specs and it's beautiful as hell. But I'm wondering what's the quality of these ~500e Gretsch guitars? Is it built well with nice electronics? I know that it's probably not suited for metal, but prog like Steven Wilsons stuff and newer Opeth would probably sound pretty good. But if these are known for having huge quality issues, I probably wont consider it. I have zero experience with Gretsch guitars, that's why I'm asking you.
I've had 3 of those Projets over the years, they all played well, sounded good, and I never had any issues with them. Those are the facts.

For the subjective opinion, I believe they're worthy of mention when discussing best value guitars in that price range.
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They're good! Gretsch has been doing solid work across the board since they were bought out by Fender a few years ago.

The pickups are nice, there's always room for improvement with electronics at this price level but the stock ones are perfectly good. Be aware that you can't just drop humbuckers in so your pickup options are fairly limited if you choose to upgrade.
I know, but there are plenty of options in 'trons too. But that's great to hear Maybe I'll find an excuse to go and try it out again. It probably wouldn't be my main guitar, but for prog and maybe some chicken-picking-country-billy stuff it would seemingly be great. Thanks for the input
I have a gold Pro jet and I could not be happier with it it is now my main guitar. The pickups are great on it I would only fault the pots which don't have a proper taper. I don't have the bigsby on mine but it works for most things. Sound is best described as a cross between a tele and a les Paul. A brighter than a paul would be but covers hard rock like AC/DC and Aerosmith well. Setup and intonation were very good.
Between an LP and a Tele sounds pretty perfect I love the Telecaster tone, but it usually doesn't have enough body and, well, "humbuckerness" for my style. I'm a pretty good guitarist even if I may so myself, and I guess that I'd find a way to make it work for me in any style.
I've played a couple of their cheaper models and they left me really good impressions. Aesthetically pleasing, no noticeable flaws, sounded good and felt even better.
Definitely on my long-term "to buy" list.
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Sadly, I'll probably have to put them on my long-term list too. Being broke isn't fun.

However, I went to the Gretsch site to take a closer look at the Jet, and I found this:

And now I want it. That metallic cherry finish is pretty damn breathtaking.