Hi guys, so here is the sum up of my story: my girlfriend is selling her bass, and a woman online offered her an old kramer guitar, but i don´t know anything about it, and i was expecting if someone could help identify this oldie which i´ll hot rod and bring it back to life

Here are the pics

I've never seen a Kramer with that headstock shape, with a trem like that, or with a single coil pickup that has a mounting ring. It looks like something that someone slapped a Kramer logo on to me.

Dig around on www.vintagekramer.com or ask over at the Kramer forum; you'll probably come to the same conclusion.
It looks like someone just reshaped and re-branded the headstock on an old Jackson or Charvel to resemble the headstock on the pointy head Kramer's.
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The headstock matches an old Kramer I used to have. Found a link to a picture. I can't quite figure out the bridge on yours

That one looks longer/ more rounded (aka a banana headstock, fwiw). Here's what a 'pointy' Kramer headstock looks like:

The one in the OP looks like something between an old Aria Pro II and Charvel/ Jackson shape; probably a cheap 80's import of some sort.

P.S. found lots of Kramer decals for sale on Ebay.
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