Hey all:

I was playing my guitar the other day and the whammy bar just fell off. I don't know if something came loose over time. I want to try and repair it as I live in a small town and it doesn't have a repair shop. So I have taken some pictures of the parts and wondering if anyone knew how to fix the issue or point me in the right direction.

The parts are a lock washer, normal washer, a larger, almost cardboard washer and the bar itself. I have attached pictures of the bridge and saddle as well. There is a nut stuck in the spring and I have no idea how to get it out? Is this a professional fix that I should wait to get into the city and get fixed? Thanks.

Looks like a nut came off. Is that it I can see siitng inside the spring in pics 7 and 8?

I would retrieve it, put is back on at the correct tension and then put a drop of superglue on the thread to hold it. I'm guessing the washers go fibre between the arm and its attachment, flat under the attachment, and lock closest to the nut.
You're just going to have to take the strings off to do this, but it's pretty easy. If you can find Loctite, a bit of that on the threads will help keep this from happening again.
So not under tension, should I be able to hold that nut tight enough to screw it back together. I was wondering if I was going to have to take the bridge off to fix it.
Take the strings off
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Quote by Robbgnarly
Take the strings off

Hey, the guy is only a third year mechanical engineer.
They don't cover this stuff till grad school.