Bought myself an Ironheart last week so this is taking up space.
New power and preamp tubes fitted less than 6 months ago.

Extremely versatile & reliable workhorse amp.
Typical age wear and tear;
Has a particularly big rip in the tolex where I was going to re-finish it; a good little project for someone!

Looking for £250 ono
Possible trade for an Ibanez STM1? (specific I know!)
Based in Exeter, Devon.

Would rather customer collect but delivery can be arranged.

Can't see an option to post pics so will do in a reply!
Hey is this still available???

I've been looking for a VC50 for years.

I'll offer you £220 if it's in good working order. The thing is I live in London, so I'd need the extra cash for delivery and stuff.