How much of an impact on tone would frayed guitar cables and frayed output jack wires have on tone? A few years back my cables broke causing a screeching sound to occur when I muted the strings. I re-soldered them and thought it was fine. I still thought that I was getting a thin sounding and inconsistent tone through my Spider Jam and passive humbuckers. Just recently, I looked at my guitar cable and output jack wiring and noticed some of the wire strands for the grounding and signal were not making contact to the plugs while others were. I re-soldered and made sure all wire strands were making contact, now my amp tone has much more bass and sounds fuller. I never had any severe grounding issues where if I did not touch my guitar, it stop humming. So I know I have somewhat answered my own question, but I am just looking to confirm if even one astray wire strand could make that kind of a difference because I also made some adjustments to my bridge height and pick-up height.
One stray wire won't make a difference but if there are several, then it can affect the guitar's tone. It's just like putting extra resistance in line with the signal.

Then there's other junk like cable capacitance. Putting two wires close together will create capacitance between them, giving your signal a place to go besides the amp. Highs are affected first, before any other part of the signal. This is why longer cables shave off more highs. Cheap cables don't attempt to reduce these effects but more expensive ones probably do.
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How much of an impact on tone would frayed guitar cables and frayed output jack wires have on tone?

Jimmy Hendricks's ground cables were really frayed up, that's partly how he achieved his godly fuzz tone.

Can't wait for Monster Cable to market the cables that didn't pass QC as 'relic'd'!
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