Ive been playing guitar for about 10 years but only the past year or so I've been going beyond dicking around and learning tabs. Obviously I've learned patterns and stuff on the neck from that.

I've learned the minor and major pentatonic (latter not so much) and a little of the A mixolydian (Ive heard this makes you able to play notes in times with chords more. plus is sound goods with major penta). All of these I simple jam to a backing track on youtube. I have a decent feel for bends and vibrato and other stuff that adds flavour.

I've been getting bored of this. And to be honest I'm pretty reluctant to get into music theory, I don't understand any of it and it seems like such an unfun chore. I understand it's necessary at certain levels but I'd like to limit it.

I know there are other scales but to me is seems like I'm just going to put on another backing track and play to those ones, rather than refining the playing I already know, if that makes sense. I know lots of Rock using pentatonic, but I don't think just jamming out in that for hours is going to make me sound like Jimmy Page or Boston.

What can I learn? Can anymore point me towards any youtube videos or whatever that can help?
For me, the basis of all music is intervals. They crop up everywhere (scales, chords, melodies) and are useful in any musical context. There are literally a handful of shapes and sounds to learn, but once you know these, youi'll recognise them in the chords and scales you know. There are then certain intervals worth emphasising more than others (i.e. landing notes against chords).

Send me a message and I'll send you the shapes. This stuff can be mastered very quickly (week or two).

Another thing that is great fun is chromaticism, for spicing up pentatonics (actually all scales). Here is a short lesson on it ... if you're ok on finding the off-beat, then listen from about 2m 25secs. (chromaticism needs a good awareness of the on- and off-beat, due to the way that on-beat emphasises a note and off-beat de-emphasises a note),


Here's another example I wrote for a lesson, with simple backing.


Feel free to download.

cheers, Jerry
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I think what you need to figure out is what your goal is...

Are you trying to be in a band? Do you want to record and write music? If so what's your genre? Or do you just enjoy learning guitar songs thru tabs?

If guitar is just a hobby, I'd say just keep learning different songs and maybe different genres. Especially explore different genres.

You want to write a song? Learn some music theory. Then look back at the music that you've learned and see how those songs are written theory-wise. Use that as inspiration to write your own. If you steal one guitar lick, it's plagiarism. If you steal as many as you can, it's research.
If you want some basic theory lessons that don't look too boring, you can find some at http://bandora.co hopefully and eventually, I'll add some lessons there for your guitar needs...

If you want to be a musician and maybe make some money one day, do all the above, AND find a place where you are forced to play in front of people, whether it's a church or a nightclub. Whatever and wherever. Get out there and play. I actually highly recommend this, even if you don't want to make money playing guitar.

But again, it all depends on your end goal.

If your not sure about any of that, then keep doing what your doing, which is being curious and finding new things to do. You'll naturally get better if you want to be.
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