Sounds really nice other than the bass drum and snare sounds abit to much like a drum machine, what program are you using to make the drums? have you tried EZDrummer vst? its really epic for making drums sound real everyone should try it!
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...like a drum machine...

They're Roland V-Drums in "Electric" mode. It was my purpose to make them sound like something you can hear in Miami Vice, and 80's music in general.
Sounds good but the drums could do with a little tweaking. They sound a little flat at the moment, try add distortion to match the guitar, reverb might sound cool too, especially between 2-3 mins where the pace slows down, a little echo would add to the atmosphere nicely.
Just play around with the effects in your DAW and see what comes out, eventually you'll find something thats right for your sound, and its a load of fun along the way.
Overall your track is a good listen, your playing is good and i like that you have recognisable melodic parts which you vary during the track and also develop throughout.The use of the vocal chants/choral parts was effective, especially around 2:03 when the vocals complemented what you were doing on the guitar nicely.

From a production perspective, you could add a rhythm guitar in there maybe with just long held chords which you could turn down in the mix but would just add some more depth underneath the main melody guitar. Also, as King City suggested the use of more reverb would suit your track well. If you want to use it as a blend effect use a shortish pre-delay around 10-20ms but if you want to add size and give the perspective of the kind of room the song was played in then experiment with pre-delays from 50ms upwards. A cool technique would be to send the melody to a buss with the reverb effect and then you could increase the level of the reverb in the mix.

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Hey, playing on this is great. Guitar is nice a sharp sounding. With that in mind, I did find it a touch too loud in the mix. A few more things happening in the background like a rhythm guitar is a great idea and would help blend things a bit better. Other then that great!