"Razor Wire And Cyanide":
Liking your guitar tones. Has a nice classic punk sound to it. I think you could have benefited a bit more if you had a more raw snare sound; the one here sounds a bit too thick/dull-ish in the beginning to me. Good vocals, nice in-your-face sound. Maybe a bit more bass would add to the track. Can't really tell if there is bass; if there is it isn't very present in the mix. Good overall track.

"Cultural Deviance":
The guitar riffs are way catchy in the beginning. The bass sticks out a ton and i'm liking that tone; how do you record your bass? Guitar-work is well-played on this track. Real raw sound. I can dig it. The vox are heavy-hitting; makes me wanna break stuff. Got a good song structure. Drums are insane and keep the track flowing until the end. Great track, man.

Followed you on SC. Great tunes!
Thanks for the feedback on my song!
Thats funny, I wish I could take credit for "Cultural Deviance", but that is from a band Legionary that I had liked on SC. I agree that song is pretty awesome. Our other song was called Envenomed.
For the first track the only critique I have is that the drums are a bit to loud for my preference. In the second song the vocals are a little too loud. They somewhat drown everything else out at times. Good songs though, man!