Hi, I am practising two fret bends and I can hear when I bend too sharp to too flat but just unable to bend to the exact pitch consistently. I practise with a tuner and is this something that comes with practise and anything else I can do about it?

Also, with pull offs I am finding that my ring finger hits the higher strings. how to avoid this? am I pulling off the string too hard if my finger hits the next higher string?
The only way to bend in pitch is to develop your ear. I used to do this by playing simple melodies I knew and putting in as many bends as possible while playing. If your guitar has a fixed bridge you can also bend up to the note two frets lower on the B-string from the G-string, or three frets lower when bending the B-string up to a note on the high E. This is of course the basic idea behind many blues licks. The reason you should note to this on a trem equipped guitar should be obvious - bending one string will bend the others out of tune.

Things to watch out for is that you can never rely on muscle memory for bending, since it requires different force on every string, guitar and fret. You also need to practice vibrato, because bending exactly on pitch every time is almost impossible. Having good control over vibrato will help disguise those small inconsistencies - plus it sounds good. This is probably the area that takes the most time developing, and you will need a specific sound to strive for. Any guitarplayer whose bends and vibrato you think stand out?

cticing bending on pitch and vibrato is to me the most important thing on the guitar. If those things aren't good, everything sounds bad. Despite that, many advanced players are quite weak in this area.
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Don't use a tuner to test your bends they are far to slow.

You need to practice a bending exercise the one I describe below is easy and takes only a few minutes to practice.

Start by selecting your target tone lets say it is "C" on your guitar (8th fret on the high E string)

After you test the target tone move your third finger to the 7th fret and bend the half step when you think you have the right pitch pluck the string again if it pitch matches the first tone you just heard and you can consistently hit the pitch first time every try move on to a whole step and try to hit the "C#".

After you have e string to perfect move up the strings to B and repeat the process.

Bends works best if the G - B - E strings get bent (pushed) up toward the middle of the fret board and the E - A - D get bent (pulled) down to the middle of the fret board so you do not pull the strings off the smooth part of the fret.

Do this daily and you will have them mastered in no time.