I have a 3 year old Ibanez RGA with a Floyd rose setup, and have been having a few problems with it going out of tune.
I think I have it set up perfect now but the screws in the back are a LNG way in.
So do I need to replace the springs in the back or the strings?
If you've set it up perfectly, why bother? Last time I changed to heavier strings on my RG320 I had to screw the screws all the way in as well, and it's doing fine. The cheaper Ibanez trems are notorious for going out of tune with heavy abuse of the whammy bar, but with a slight pull after you finish each dive with the bar you can easily fix that. Do you have one with pivoting studs or ball bearings?
If you really want to change the springs then by all means do so, but I don't think it'll fix much.
springs aren't causing it to go out of tune. Unless it's the prestige RGA, it's probably got an Edge 3 trem, which aren't exactly known for good tuning stability.