Anybody in this area interest in joining a Brutal/Tech Death type band?

It's kind of a Devourment meets Viraemia type sound with some melodic neo-classical leads and dark ambient kind of stuff thrown in. No demos yet but I've got some riffs tabbed out you could look at. I live in Indiana but closer to Cincy than say Indianapolis, but if you're from there and seem cool I'd be willing to try it. Hell I might even try an online thing.

It's nothing serious right now, just wondering if anyone is any interested in the thought?

It's not a band nazi thing either, you can write your own stuff too, only thing I control is the lyrics since I have a specific idea what to do with them.

Hit me up, even if you just wanna chat!

Oh yeah, band name is ".7" Too late to change, IT'S MY USERNAME! lol.
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