I got the Stupid Deal of the Day and got the Charvel Desolation Skatecaster SK-1 and can't decide whether to keep it or return it. It regularly sells for $649 and I paid $199. That's what makes the decision hard and wanted some experienced guitarist to weigh in their opinions. I currently have two LP's, 87' Ibanez Roadstar series (RG-440), and a Rogue that was a MF in house brand for a time that's a great guitar. This is my first "active" pickup guitar and I've noticed a lot for differences (muddy, low volume issues, etc.). The Charvel is a beautiful axe, but is it really worth $199?

Any feedback or opinions would be appreciated
Are you playing thru a solid state amp? Generally it isnt recommended to use active p/u with solid state amps.
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I would keep it for now if it were me. If the active pickups are the issue then you can always change them out. Even if that fails to get a good sound you want you can most likely still sell it for profit in the future.
For what you paid, it's more than worth keeping. I loved the ones I played so far, and they seemed pretty solidly built. So even if you change the pickups to some more to your liking, you'll still come out a winner.
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Can't hurt having a 24 fret EMG machine in your collection surely. If you're not convinced after a couple of months, sell the pups and get your money back.
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For $199 that's a steal. You can later sell it for more than what you paid (or worst case same price). Worst case like jmag said, change the pickups and sell the active ones…
The sound issues your hearing might just be the battery needing to be replaced in the actives. That's a great price and if you like the look and playability I'd try swapping a fresh battery and see how it sounds.
Try the battery and if you still have issues try raising the pickups closer to the strings. Actives need to be closer to the strings than passives.
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